Premier Competition 2021 took place on Sunday, November 14. Please see this page for details.

2019 Premier

What is it?

Every November, hundreds of high school-level students around the world showcase their skills by competing in an individual-based physics competition hosted internationally. This event bears the name Physics Unlimited Premier Competition.

The 2019 Premier Competition took place on Sunday, November 17, 2019. Please read about the relevant details below.

Assignment and results

  • Problem packet: 2019
  • Solutions and scoring guide: 2019 solutions
  • List of finalists: 2019

  • Details

    We invite high school students around the world to take part in this internationally-hosted equivalent of the PUPC onsite event.

    Preparation for 2019 exam
    Competitors are given 1.5 hours to write their solutions to approximately four problems of the level and scope roughly equivalent to what one may expect in a U.S.-based AP Physics C curriculum. Therefore, problems may cover areas beyond classical mechanics.

    We recommend that prospective competitors read chapter 7 of John Taylor's Classical Mechanics to learn about Lagrangians. The topics to know for the exam are Newton's Laws, rotational motion, in particular rotational kinetic energy, the Lagrangian formulation of classical mechanics, and the Kirchoff loop rule and circuits.

    Locations and registration info
    Physics Unlimited oversees global sites, facilitated through partnerships with educational and non-profit institutions listed here.

    We will announce further updates about the Premier Competition here and on our official Facebook page, which we encourage everyone to follow for timely notifications.
    Kinds of prizes
    The standard prizes include conventional gold, silver, and bronze-level recognition, in addition to honorable mention certificates. All competitors additionally receive a certificate of participation at their host site.

    We thank everyone for their participation in Premier Competition 2019!