We are excited to announce Physics Unlimited's PhysiKarma initiative, a stress-free way to demonstrate your grasp of any physics subtopic you are comfortable with. Here is how it will work:

On a monthly basis you are invited to contribute your own knowledge and expertise to an ever-expanding network of physics-related topics at Expii, the collaborative encyclopedia for STEM fields, founded by Po-Shen Loh, the lead coach of U.S. math team at IMO with whom we are partnering on this initiative.

What is PhysiKarma?
You may think of PhysiKarma as an academic equivalent of "virtual currency". It is a quantity that will forever be with you, perhaps treated as an attribute of personal honor. Ideally, the more PhysiKarma you earn, the more self-satisfaction you gain in making the world more complete, one step at a time. We look forward to a future when society views PhysiKarma on par with fiat currencies and legal tender. This would be our ideal world!

How to earn PhysiKarma?
You will earn points ("PhysiKarma") for each entry and revision, and the most active contributors will also be featured in real time on Expii's Leaderboard. To earn PhysiKarma, please e-mail the link to your Expii profile page before the 15th of the month.

How is PhysiKarma counted?
PhysiKarma points will be equal to the number of Votes received from the Expii community. (Points on Expii's Leaderboard are sorted by the number of Votes received; you automatically get 1 vote on each submission. Voting for others' good contributions results in the community encouraging quality over quantity.)

Is collaboration allowed?
Yes! In fact, collaboration is encouraged for the sake of creating an accurate portrayal of the topic at hand. You may discuss topics among each other via Expii's forum and are also welcome to expand the site in another language.

When will results be posted?
On the 15th day of each month we will list the most active Expii contributors from among Physics Unlimited users, i.e. those earning the most PhysiKarma in the preceding four weeks. Please make sure to e-mail us the link to your Expii profile in order to earn PhysiKarma. Your PhysiKarma will accumulate indefinitely and become an attribute you will always retain. If you have ever contributed content to Expii in the past, please e-mail us at, and we'll make sure it is factored into your cumulative PhysiKarma.

We encourage you to take part in this PhysiKarma cycle and contribute your own expertise to a topic you know well or always wanted to learn more about, and get recognized for it!

Happy Holidays,
Physics Unlimited Organizers