Moonshot: Teachers

Please see an overview of the Moonshot Program here and consider signing up as a potential teacher of these innovative physics lessons in your own community. You would have an impact on many underrepresented learners as part of this unique experience!

Below are brief bios of our virtual Summer Program 2020 teachers.

Summer School Teachers

Nick DePorzio

Nick DePorzio is currently a Physics PhD Candidate at Harvard University, having previously completed degrees in Physics and Mathematics at Northeastern University. His work in Theoretical Cosmology, under the guidance of Prof. Cora Dvorkin, is concerned with utilizing information from cosmological observables to learn about possible new physics beyond the Standard Model. Nick is excited to be working with the Moonshot Program to learn from the participants how physics researchers can do a better job of making their fields accessible and relevant to the participants. Nick is a native of Arizona, a budding astrophotographer, and enjoys a variety of outdoors activities during which he is often accompanied by his dog.

Can Knaut

Can Knaut is a second year graduate student in Physics at Harvard University. He works in the field of experimental physics of quantum information and spends large parts of his day in the lab shooting lasers at tiny physical systems. Originally from Germany, he received his Bachelor and Master in Physics at ETH in Zurich, Switzerland but has since found a happy home in the US.

Susana Torres-Londono

Susana Torres-Londono is a 4th year physics undergraduate at UC Berkeley interested in condensed matter. She currently works for James Analytis and Sinéad Griffin researching quasi-2D materials. She is very passionate about equity and inclusion within physics and society as a whole. Fun facts about her are: She was born in Colombia, her favorite color is yellow, and Jhene Aiko is her favorite artist right now.

Other roles

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