Moonshot Program

What is it?

This year we at Physics Unlimited took time to develop a framework for an unprecedented kind of educational initiative: an innovative curriculum in physics designed to benefit learners from across the socioeconomic spectrum and to be taught in settings that are atypical for this subject matter. Our goal is to plant a seed of curiosity in the minds of those who may have been excited about the prospect of learning why things behave the way they do but believed that physics is "too hard" for them. This interactive course is set to get rid of this preconception from the get-go.

In the summer of 2019, two enthusiastic college student interns -- whom we had selected among applicants for the role of writing up this series of lessons -- spent 7 weeks creating the curriculum with our suggestions and input; we are publishing their short biographical statements here. We hope that they inspire you to volunteer to teach this unique curriculum to audiences in your community, wherever you are located!

Now that the curriculum has been developed, our priority is to find volunteers willing to teach it. The first location is a unique pre-release center in Boston. We have already met with the Executive Director of this center, and the current timeframe is to run a 12-week course (one lesson/week) for the incarcerated learners beginning January 2020.

How to apply

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student (or a certified instructor/faculty member) interested in teaching our innovative curriculum either in Boston or other future locations, please e-mail us at with a brief summary of your qualifications, and we would be glad to share more information with you.

For the teaching opportunity in Boston, we will provide details about the center's location and our course materials to those selected as instructors, who will also receive training on best practices at the correctional facility by its affiliated volunteers prior to commencing teaching.

Other roles

If you would like to get involved with our non-profit in other ways, please take a look at this page for various educational opportunities and roles. If you would only like to receive occasional e-mails about major updates and opportunities as they arise, please sign up for our e-mail list.