× The inaugural 2017 Explorer Competition (research-based online event) and 2017 Premier Competition (globally hosted onsite event) have completed. Explorer Competition submissions have been judged, and results are available here. In the meantime, everyone is invited to take part in our academically rewarding PhysiKarma initiative.


Launched in 2017, the non-profit organization is run by alumni of Princeton University Department of Physics who initially organized the Princeton University Physics Competition. While the operation of Physics Unlimited is entirely independent of Princeton University, the required level of coordination with relevant organizers of PUPC is maintained in order for our events to be successful.

At this time, Physics Unlimited is in charge of overseeing three types of events:

  1. the research-based Explorer Competition, a successor to the PUPC online assignment, which students have a week to complete, and
  2. the Premier Competition, a single-session, 1.5-hour international version of PUPC.
  3. the ongoing, academically rewarding PhysiKarma initiative.

The submission deadline for the inaugural Explorer Competition has passed on Sunday, December 3, 2017 and all works have now been judged.
The 2017 Explorer Competition assignment and teams' results are accessible on this page.
Prospective competitors thinking of participating in 2018 are welcome to form teams of up to 6 high school students; eligibility rules are unchanged from the previous years' (formerly called) PUPC Online Part and can be viewed here. Any remaining questions or clarifications can be forwarded to directors@physicsu.org. We look forward to a successful event hosted in this new format. Good luck to all competitors!

Registration for the 2017 Premier Competition has closed. The event took place globally on November 19.
We invite high school students around the world to take part in our Premier Competition, an internationally-hosted equivlent of the PUPC onsite event, via international sites. If you are an eligible participant who would like to compete onsite at Princeton, please proceed to the PUPC website (run independently of Physics Unlimited) and follow their instructions.
As of November 2017, there are five global sites overseen by Physics Unlimited, facilitated through partnerships with the Freshman Institute of FH Aachen in Germany and the organization ASDAN China. On a monthly basis, you are invited to take part in an academically rewarding - and stress-free - way to demonstrate your physics knowledge through our PhysiKarma initiative in partnership with Expii; PhysiKarma earners will be recognized on the 15th day of each month.

In all cases, to create an account, please proceed to this page. Once you have confirmed your e-mail and are logged in, please submit the short registration form through our portal, selecting the type of event and location. We look forward to your participation in our events, and good luck!