International sites

If you are a prospective contestant who cannot travel to the U.S. for the PUPC Onsite Test, the Physics Unlimited Premier Competition is an opportunity for you to exhibit your physics skills by completing the same work at the same time as students who would partake in PUPC at its original headquarters. Physics Unlimited has inherited the international chapters formed by PUPC in 2015-2016. In addition, we are partnering with the non-profit organization ASDAN China to help bring the event to more universities and schools within China.

The sites established in previous years through PUPC are currently listed on the PUPC Global webpage; they will transition to this page as further re-organization takes place.

The following international locations have hosted the 2017 Physics Unlimited Premier Competition in November 2017 (through ASDAN China at the four locations in China):

If you are a representative of an institutuion of higher education and would like to bring the PUPC experience to your location, please e-mail, and we will work with you on bringing this opportunity to fruition.
This page will be updated periodically as details about new international sites emerge.